Is it a good time to purchase a property in London as Brexit is now a certainty?

With London property prices consistently on the rise, the people best placed to buy London property are Londoners looking to protect their wallets from surging London rent prices. For international investors, and British expats looking for UK property news to consider, you'll be pleased to know smart investors have sought other lucrative options outside of the London property market following the Brexit news.

The Guardian recently reported that London's significant period of out performance could soon be drawing to a close. For the first time since 2008, annual house price growth in Britain's capital was lower than the UK average, showing London has clearly suffered more than the rest of the country in price stakes, largely due to the uncertainty that shrouds the city following the Brexit vote, as well as a higher rate of duty on second homes which was introduced in April.

For international investors this points to other property investment opportunities, one being the budding potential of Liverpool's property market, which our friends at IP Global have announced is a UK property market that is currently hard to ignore. Hong Kong-based international real estate and investment professionals, IP Global, here discuss the key drivers supporting the UK's property market growth in Liverpool on the eve of the property expert's first investment in the city.